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Products for Body System: Circulatory & Cardiovascular

Ginger Glycerite, Alcohol-Free
Improves digestion, warms the body and eases nausea, motion sickness, inflammation and mild menstrual cramps. Tastes extra delicious.*

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Ginger Root Liquid Extract
A warming, stimulating herb that improves digestion and helps ease nausea, motion sickness, vomiting, stomach and menstrual cramps, diarrhea, colds, sore throats and overall coldness.*

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Ginkgo Liquid Extract
Helps ease headaches, poor memory and tinnitus caused by poor cerebral circulation. Dilates the bronchial tubes and eases inflammation, thus making it useful in formulas for adults with asthma.*

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Gotu Kola Liquid Extract
A traditional Ayurvedic herb that increases mental clarity and concentration, relaxes the brain, and assists the nervous system during times of great stress and fear. Strengthens connective tissue and helps heal skin afflictions such as eczema and psoriasis. Inhibits scar tissue formation and promotes healing after surgery or radiation. *

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Hawthorn Plus
Hawthorn´s flowers, leaves and berries are a nutritious food for the heart and cardiovascular system. This formula helps restore cardiovascular tone, lower cholesterol levels, and normalize blood pressure.*

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Hawthorn Solid Extract
Hawthorn is known to be an excellent cardiovascular tonic, bringing nutrients to the heart and surrounding arteries and capillaries.* Tastes delicious. Suggested use 1/2 tsp, 2 times a day between meals. Alcohol free. Extracted in a base of vegetable glycerin and honey. Large 6 oz. glass jar.

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Heartsease Tonic
This formula warms the body, circulates blood to the extremities, and brings blood and oxygen to the brain. The herbs help to reduce blood pressure and ease tachycardia.*

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Lemon Balm Glycerite
Alcohol-Free. Relaxing, calming and uplifting to the spirit. Helps resolve fevers, flus, and helps cool the body on hot summer days. Relaxes spasms in the stomach and digestive complaints and prevents and heals cold sores and herpes. Can also be used topically to help heal a cold sore. Helpful for attention deficit disorder. Use with lavender and St Johnswort for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).* Children love the sweet, lemony taste.

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Lemon Balm Liquid Extract
Calming, cooling, antiseptic and antiviral. Reduces tension, stress, fevers and feelings of being overwhelmed. Uplifting to the spirit. Prevents and treats herpes, shingles and chicken pox. Apply Lemon Balm extract or salve topically to prevent or heal a herpes sore.*

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Meadowsweet Liquid ExtractMeadowsweet contains anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic properties. Relieves fevers, flu symptoms, and pain accompanying headaches or arthritis. Reduces nausea and excessive secretions of gastric acid. *

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Memory Tonic
The herbs in this formula help restore and relax the nervous system, increase mental alertness and vitality, improve memory and mental/emotional stability, and enhance the circulation of oxygen to the brain.*

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Prickly Ash Bark Liquid Extract
A very pungent, warming, drying and astringent herb. Used in combination with other circulatory stimulants for people with cold extremities, chronic rheumatic conditions or for a loss of sensitivity in injured nerves.*

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Rhodiola Liquid Extract
This adaptogenic herb helps reduce anxiety, fatigue, depression, and excessive anger, improves cognitive dysfunction (use with ADHD), and enhances endurance and stamina.*

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Rosemary Liquid Extract
Rosemary is a tonic to the heart, brain and nervous system. Helps increase flow of blood to the brain and heightens one´s concentration and memory. Rosemary is considered to be “the herb of remembrance”. It´s warming qualities improve overall circulation and dispel cold in the winter.*

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Sacred Basil Glycerite, Alcohol-Free
This special herb helps to open one´s heart and mind, ease stress, strengthen the nervous system, improve memory and uplift the spirit.*

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Sacred Basil Liquid Extract
This special herb improves the body´s ability to adapt to various kinds of stress, stimulates the immune system, relaxes the nervous system, uplifts the spirit, strengthens the mind and improves resistance to stomach ulcers. Revered in India for its ability to open the heart and mind and instill a feeling of love and compassion. *

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Turmeric Root Liquid Extract
Has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Useful for reducing inflammation in arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Currently being researched for its cancer prevention properties and abilities to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.*

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Turmericforce® Capsules
Made by New Chapter. Made from certified organic turmeric root, turmeric is considered to be one of the most important balancing and detoxifying herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric root is very effective for decreasing inflammation in the body, supporting cardiovascular health and maintaining DNA integrity.* Suggested dose: 1 capsule/day, taken with food.

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Willow Relief Compound
General pain relief formula. Eases joint and tendon inflammation, arthritic and muscular pain and headaches. Reduces the intensity of pain.*

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Yarrow Liquid Extract
Helps encourage blood flow to the pelvis, clears excess estrogen from the body, regulates length of menstrual cycle, lessens heavy menstrual bleeding and eases menstrual cramps.*

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Zyflamend® Capsules - Discontinued Item
In an effort to streamline our product line we have decided to discontinue this item. Please contact New Chapter 1-800-543-7279 or www.newchapter.info for information on how to purchase this wonderful product.

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