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Books & DVD's

Books & DVD's

By Deb Soule. A practical and inspirational guide which shows how to use herbs for a variety of women's health concerns. The Woman's Handbook of Healing Herbs gives women the opportunity to deeply connect with the earth and with the healing gifts herbs offer.

Please note:  There is a new title and cover for Deb's book.  The Woman's Handbook of Healing Herbs, see below.

A Plant Guide to Avena Botanicals' Medicinal Herb Garden
OUT OF STOCK - By Deb Soule, organic gardener and founder of Avena Botanicals. This easy-to-use booklet lists in alphabetical order over 120 different medicinal herbs growing in Avena´s garden. Information includes common, Latin and family name of each herb along with information about which part of the plant is used and some of the ways it is used for medicine. This booklet is an excellent reference for any person interested in using or growing medicinal herbs. Goes well with the Traditional Uses of Herbal Formulations booklet. Written from Deb´s 25 years of growing, preparing and using medicinal herbs. Paperback, 25pp.

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Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief
By David Winston and Steven Maimes This book provides a comprehensive look into adaptogens, a group of nontoxic herbs that help our bodies “adapt” to stressful situations and stay balanced and healthy. These rejuvenating herbs help increase stamina and counter the normal effects of aging and thus are becoming important in the prevention and treatment of chronic fatigue and other stress-related disorders. Paperback, 325 pp.

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Gardening At The Dragon's Gate: At Work in the Wild and Cultivated World
By Wendy Johnson. Johnson, gardening for years, is a hands-on, on-her-knees gardener, and she shares with the reader a wealth of practical knowledge and fascinating garden lore. But she is also a lover of the untamed and weedy, and she evokes through her exquisite prose an abiding appreciation for the earth – both cultivated and forever wild – in a book sure to earn a place in the great tradition of American nature writing. Paperback, 447pp,

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Juliette of the Herbs DVD
A documentary film portrait of Juliette de Bairacli Levy, world renowned herbalist, author, pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine, traveler and anthologist of Gypsy lore. For more than 60 years Juliette lived with the Gypsies, Bedouins and peasant peoples of the world. This film records Juliette´s extraordinary life and her vast wealth of herbal and nature knowledge and presents a truly inspiring portrait of an elder woman healer. 90-minute film on DVD.

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Making Plant Medicine
By Richo Cech. An excellent book for anyone interested in making their own herbal medicine. The book includes instructions on tincture making, the mathematics of extraction, vinegar extracts, glycerites, syrups, teas, decoctions, oils, salves, creams, poultices, soaks and baths. Richo also includes a comprehensive list of over 100 herbs with specific information on different ways to prepare and use each herb. Richo has been growing, harvesting and using medicinal herbs for over 20 years. We highly recommend his family´s organic medicinal herb seed business, Horizon Herbs, located in Williams, Oregon. Paperback, Paperback, 283 pp.

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Mushrooms for Health
By Greg Marley. Finally a medicinal mushroom book written for the Eastern US. It is an easy to use guide to the best health-promoting mushrooms found growing wild around us. It combines the features of a field guide, research supporting their use medicinally and an explanation of the workings of the immune system. Paperback, 112 pp

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Numen: The Nature of Plants DVD
A documentary film about the healing power of plants. Filmmakers Terrence Youk and Ann Armbrecht traveled the U.S. to speak with doctors and herbalist, ethnobotanists and others about how our disconnection from nature affects human and environmental health, and to discover how healing is made possible by embracing our place in the wider web of life. 95-minute DVD

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Stella Natura Calendar
Stella Natura 2012 Biodynamic Planting Calendar, Planting Charts and Thought-Provoking Essays, Edited by Sherry Wildfeuer. This Calendar has many aspects: a basic introduction to astronomy, a simple ephemeris, a planting guide, a star map, aid for following the movement of the planets in the night sky, and articles by ten different authors. All of these attempt to provide a true picture of the world outside us and ideas to assist in developing a healthy relation to that world. The charts can assist you in choosing optimum times to sow seeds, transplant, cultivate your crops and harvest them for storage. 9" x 12" wall calendar, beautifully illustrated, 40 pages, 4-color cover.

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The Medicinal Herb Grower: A Guide For Cultivating Plants the Heal – Volume 1
By Richo Cech. Continues the story begun with Making Plant Medicine. This book will do much to assist gardeners in creating balanced medicinal gardens. It also endeavors to give people the tools and techniques that are most helpful in bringing these desired herbs closer to home. Paperback, 176 pp

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The Woman's Handbook of Healing Herbs
by Deb Soule. The classic herbal book covers several woman's health topics including, menstruation, pregnancy, vaginal infections, breast health, menopause and growing older. Many people have commented that reading the book has a similar feel as to being in Avena's garden alongside Deb.

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The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbs Medicine
By Dr. Vasant Lad and David Frawley. A classic book that offers western herbalists a detailed understanding of the Ayurvedic system of healing. This book explains the energies and actions of herbs in a way that is applicable and important to western herbalists. This is essential for herbal students who are looking to deepen their understanding of the energetics of herbs. 255 pp. paperback

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Traditional Uses of Herbal Formulations OUT OF STOCK
By Deb Soule. New Edition will be available in Fall 2011. An excellent resource for anyone using Avena Botanicals´ products. Each compound extract is listed with a detailed description of its historical and current uses. Recommended dosages are included. Paperback, 28pp

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